Initial two district attorneys who took care of Ahmaud Arbery case is under FBI investigation

Initial two district attorneys who took care of Ahmaud Arbery case is under FBI investigation

District Attorney Jackie Johnson and District Attorney George Barnhill are apparently under scrutiny for how they misused the case.

The two lead prosecutors who at first dealt with the Ahmaud Arbery case are apparently under FBI investigation, as indicated by TMZ.

Civil Rights Attorney S. Lee Merritt uncovered to the outlet on Wednesday (July 22) that Brunswick District Attorney Jackie Johnson and Waycross District Attorney George Barnhill are being investigated for the manner in which they misused the case.

Lead prosecutor Johnson is under scrutiny for nepotism. She apparently had associations with Gregory McMichael, one of the respondents in the homicide trial. Merritt says the FBI is researching whether fair treatment was trailed by both lead prosecutors who each revealed the case as an irreconcilable circumstance and mentioned that it move to another prosecutor.

Not long ago REVOLT detailed that the three suspects who were charged with homicide for the killing of Arbery documented a motion to have District Attorney Joyette Holmes, a Black lady, expelled from the case.

Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, was lethally shot while running through an area close to his home in Brunswick, Georgia. He ran past the suspects — Gregory and Travis McMichael — who at that point proceeded to get their firearms. The dad and child took their weapons and hopped into their truck to follow the jogger. Before long, there was a battle over the gun and Arbery was shot and murdered. William Bryan recorded the episode and was later found to be involved.

A month ago, the three white male suspects were each charged with nine counts: four counts of felony murder, false detainment, malignance murder, two counts of aggravated assualt and one count of criminal endeavor to carry out false detainment.

A preliminary hearing for Ahmaud’s case uncovered that Travis, who followed Ahmaud with his dad and Bryan, considered him a “fucking n*gger” after lethally shooting him. Georgia was one of four states that didn’t have a hate crime law as of now set up, however on June 23, lawmakers affirmed a hate crime bill that would allow increased criminal punishments for the individuals who target others in view of their sex, race, sexual direction or different reasons.

Every one of the three suspects have pleaded not guilty to the charges.


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