Ja Rule’s Alleged Record Deal: A $100 Million Mystery

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Latest, Music News | 0 comments

In the world of music, news doesn’t get much bigger than this. Ja Rule, the once-infamous artist from the Murder Inc label, has recently surfaced to claim a new label deal potentially worth a whopping $100 million. The plot twist? Not everyone’s buying it.

The Announcement

The news first broke on the popular platform X, where Ja Rule enthusiastically shared his joyous news. He embraced the outpouring of love from his followers, while delivering a powerful message to his detractors: “SMD.”

The reaction on social media, however, was far from unanimous. Critics and fans alike weighed in on the validity of his claims, sparking a flurry of debates and discussions.

Ja Rule’s Response

Never one to back down, Ja Rule took to his Twitter account to address his critics. The “Put It On Me” rapper didn’t hold back, taking jabs at those who failed to congratulate him on his alleged success.

“Understand this: HATE is for losers and brown-nosing will get you nowhere. Stop being goofy and start making money,” Ja Rule tweeted, expressing his thoughts on the situation.

Introducing “Petty Murphy”

It seems the controversy has brought out a new side to Ja Rule. He introduced his followers to his alter ego, “Petty Murphy” and declared that he was done playing the role of the “bigger man.”

In a display of his relevance and popularity, Ja Rule also shared details about his upcoming Sunrise Tour. This Europe-based tour, featuring renowned artists like Keri Hilson, Mya, and Lloyd, is slated to kick off in March.

The Fan Base Divided

As the news about Ja Rule’s alleged new label deal spread, it divided his fan base. While some stood by the rapper, crediting him for creating “every hit you grew up listening to,” others were less supportive. They accused Ja Rule of lying and even tagged his longtime rival, 50 Cent, in their comments.

“Why are you tagging that snitch?” Ja Rule shot back at one of the critics, refusing to be swayed by the negativity.

The Elusive Deal

At this point, details about Ja Rule’s alleged deal remain shrouded in mystery. The 47-year-old rapper has not yet disclosed the specifics of this contract. However, he did reveal that he’s currently in “album mode,” indicating a possible return to the music scene after more than a decade.


So, is Ja Rule’s claim of a $100 million label deal true, or is it just another addition to the rapper’s infamous history of controversies? Time will tell. But for now, this news has certainly put Ja Rule back in the spotlight.

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