Jay-Z opens up about New York making marijuana legal

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On Wednesday March 31, New York became the 15th state to permit recreational marijuana use, which preceded Oregon and Washington State by a day later in going this month. The legislation was signed the day after the bill was passed in Albany by the New York governor Andrew Cuomo on the eve of its effective date. According to Governor Cuomo, this bill will result in an estimated of to have the addition of approximately 60,000 jobs and a total of $350 million of annual tax revenue.

As for the new rules on this issue, the maximum amount of cannabis adults that can legally possess, the allowable limit of three ounces of marijuana is raised while the use of it is allowed in places where it is permitted, while it is a man’s home has been submitted.

A maximum of three plants is permitted while it is being grown. Funds to benefit that is provided for new bills for the cities affected by the war on drugs are making commitments to put money back into neighborhoods formerly devastated by the war on marijuana.

Of which class, roughly 40% of new tax revenues from drug sales will be used to benefit African-American, and minority communities will be erased, and previous marijuana convictions would be removed.

The media has reported that JAY-Z, who has recently started his own Monogram brand, seems to be high on the stories He told The Grio, “It is incredibly exciting that (to him) for the Empire State of Mind that the state is considering legalizing marijuana.

JAY heralded that it is a long-overdue opportunity for New Yorkers, the cannabis industry, and a very important opportunity for social equity and social justice.

“I’ve seen first-hand the harm that has been done to the black and minority communities because of the drug war in the streets of New York, which are littered with generations. Today, I am delighted to see that my home state is helping pave the way for a new and fair cannabis market in a profitable and healthy direction.”

The business opportunities for medical marijuana businesses in the state are virtually endless. Hov has created a parent company that has become one of the most notable American marijuana players to help narrow the distribution gap between the haves and have-haves by adopting a comprehensive strategy. This will be Mr. Carter’s new position as CEO of The Parent Company and will call for him to push forward an ambitious initiative that has already committed to invest $10 million into Black and other minority business leaders of social equity. two percent of the parent company’s profits will also be allocated for diversity purposes

Steve Allan, CEO of The Parent Company, said, “JAY-Z has been extremely helpful to us in getting us started.” He says Jay-Z gets it in his conversation with Jay, and Allan supplied additional information to The Grio about Jay’s awareness that he comprehends the mission of addressing his viewers. Of course, this is only to say, JAY-Z is making the most of it in our social venture.

After reading about the JAY’s experience with regard to the War on Drugs, a quote from Jay is above the application form on Parent Company Social Ventures’ site says, “We were the ones most negatively affected by it, and America has built a successful billion-dollar business from our misfortune. I want to do something in a concrete way, so I decided to expand the concept to something more substantial. Individuals who are considering investment opportunities with The Parent Company can apply online directly here.

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