Jeremih and Chance the Rapper release ‘Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: The Gift That Keeps On Giving’

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Latest, Music News | 2 comments

Four years ago, Chance the Rapper and Jeremih partnered up to launch the  project Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama, wherein nine upbeat tracks from the Chicago  stars were featured. Now, the duo has released Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: The Gift  That Keeps On Giving, wherein the songs from the previous album have been  included along with “Who’s To Say” and “The Return.” Now, the video for the latter  has been released. 

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Quintin Streeter
Quintin Streeter
3 years ago

Loved this album

Quintin Streeter
Quintin Streeter
3 years ago

Glad jeremih is out the hospital