Joyner Lucas Celebrates Mac Miller in “Seventeen” Music Video

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Renowned musician, Joyner Lucas, has made a triumphant return to his Massachusetts roots with the official release of his brand new single, “Seventeen“. The music video accompanying the single showcases Lucas’ deep connections to his home turf and serves as a heartfelt tribute to the late Mac Miller.

Lucas’ Return to Massachusetts

In the video, which was released on a Friday, Lucas can be seen immersing himself in the local culture of Northborough, Massachusetts. His interactions with the locals and the familiar environment highlight his deep-rooted connection to his hometown.

Filming at Oh Wow Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies

An interesting aspect of the video is that several scenes were shot at Lucas’ new venture, a frozen yogurt shop named Oh Wow Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies. The shop, filled with enthusiastic customers indulging in various treats, adds a personal touch to the video, reflecting Lucas’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Homage to Mac Miller

The essence of the track is encapsulated in its sampling of Mac Miller’s hit from 2011, “Donald Trump”. This serves as Lucas’ unique way of paying homage to his contemporary.

Lucas’ Connection with Miller’s Music

“The first time I ever heard Mac Miller was the Donald Trump record,” Joyner revealed in a statement. “Soon as I heard the sample and what he did to it, I immediately became a fan. That beat was one of my favorite samples ever. Me being able to use that sample and flip it my own way and pay homage to Mac Miller at the same time is dope.”

This statement highlights Lucas’ admiration for Miller’s work and how it influenced him as an artist.

Reflecting on His Journey

Lucas further added, “Reflecting back to when I was seventeen, it’s crazy to see that I’m making my childhood dreams come true. I’m just trying to inspire others through my music the same way Mac did.”

The Reception of “Seventeen”

“Seventeen” is the latest addition to Lucas’ much-awaited new album. The single follows the releases of “Broski,” “Cut U Off (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again),” “What’s That?,” and “Devil’s Work Part 2.”

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