K slug “Quarantine Flow” Ep Out Now

by | Aug 20, 2021 | WILDE TUNA | 0 comments

Kevin Anim better known as K Slug, a rising star from Philadelphia has dropped a new Ep. Quarantine Flow on all platforms. Keeping his trend of solid production and song variation K Slug is definitely a voice that needs to be heard in the game. Dope visuals, versatilely, substance and content, a message mixed in with a lil fun and a lil flex mixed in with some hard times. K Slug is actively covering all the creative aspects when working on his craft. Its rare to get a solid artist who understands what it takes to make it behind the scenes and on the forefront and K Slug is ready for the next level.

I expect K Slug to continue the rest of the year with a lot more eyes and ears listening and supporting, 2020 was the break out year 2021 shall be the year of the foundation. After two solid projects and a bunch of great visuals I’m anxious to see how K Slug decides to execute the next body of work. I also hope to see some of the other artist in the city collab with K Slug also to continue to push solidarity with in the city of Philadelphia as it is much needed in the inner city. Music has been the outlet for not only the creators but the consumers as well and K Slug not only chases his dreams he supports other artist and entrepreneurs alike.

Make sure to tune in to the latest music video and single “Like Me” from Ep, Quarantine Flow below

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