Kanye West is revolutionizing MUSICIANS we know it

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Music has long been the heart and soul of popular culture, and for decades we’ve known many of its most noted stars. Few, however, have had the unerring ability to master the art form like Kanye West.

Kanye West’s Record-Breaking Music

Most people would say that Kanye West is a controversial person. Two minutes of thinking about his incredibly talented lyrics and music will end your thoughts. He has already left such a mark on rap and hip-hop history that it’s virtually impossible to deny him the respect he deserves. Kanye West is a big fan of new media. He’s always on his phone, adding people to his contacts list, posting inspirational messages on social media. His music, much like himself, is bold and in-your-face; it has attitude! It tackles issues like race relations in America, the porn industry, homophobia in hip hop. No matter what Kanye does – whether he’s rapping or producing beats – there’s this undercurrent of coolness that courses through it all.

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What He’s Done to Change the Industry

Kanye West has done some things that no other artist has ever considered. He’s completely changed our idea of an album. A couple years back, he released “The Life Of Pablo” on Tidal. The album broke streaming records on TIDAL and boosted new subscriber growth tremendously. Kanye also designed a game-changing unique style for suites with his ‘Saint Pablo’ collection. From the clothes to the Yeezy Adidas, everything is customized and labeled next level.

How Other Musicians are Following in his Footsteps

Kanye West is in the process of re-inventing music in many ways. His most recent album release has had a widespread effect on other musicians who are seeking to get their own piece of the pie. He has approached the distribution of music in a fashion that makes it possible for musicians to follow in his footsteps.

Why Kanye is Important to Music Today?

“Kanye West is one of the most important figures in modern music.” Kanye is not just an artist. He’s changing what music can do, and he is doing it on his own terms. Being fully independent on all levels of his business has given him the ability to take risks that other artists wouldn’t, creating beautiful spaces instrumentally or vocally on tracks that were sometimes left for dead on previous records.

His Legacy in the Industry

Kanye West has had a very influential and daring career, and he is the first rapper to have impacted the music industry of such a magnitude. His lyrics changed what people think of as great rap, and he managed to bring culture merging with music. This new sound is something many look up to him for creating.

The Different Types of Influences in his Music

Kanye West has such a wide variety of influences that it starts to feel like his albums are all over the place. Ye’s music can’t be placed into one category from autotune to rock, to raps and heavy collaboration. His musical evolution reflects that he doesn’t want to be preconceived by others. Kanye’s the kind of artist that people love or hate, but he’ll be hard to ignore no matter what he does.


Pretty much, if it’s Kanye West, you can almost bet you’re not going to get bored. He reaches boundaries that other people cannot and that incomparable talent shines through in his creativity. You know for sure that Kanye is determined to re-invent music as we know it.

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