Meek Mill slams the justice system after Kyle Rittenhouse meets with Trump

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Meek Mill, an American rapper, is criticizing America’s judicial system. Because several white men, including Kyle Rittenhouse, had been handed a wrist slap of severe offences. On Wednesday, 24 November, the rapper Instagram posted to express his dissatisfaction with how the system handles Black Americans.  

He asked that the system destroy the brown and black humans. By sharing a picture of ex-president Trump with Rittenhouse, TV programs have made everything obvious. The system is working as slavery stage, and the government clearly understands how people are suffering. Officials also know that people have little money to spend and the damage caused by it.  

The system is so extensive. I did not realize how extensive it was until I focused on economic empowerment, Meek said. REMEMBER TO PAY ATTENTION to it. Meek also included a photo of Christopher Belter, a white supremacist who avoided prison after confessing to sexually abusing four underage girls.  

According to Judge Matthew J. Murphy III, a prison term would be inappropriate, so the 20-year-old was remanded for eight years. Rittenhouse, the other white supremacist, mentioned by the Philadelphia rapper, was previously exonerated on all charges. Charges included fatally shooting two men and seriously injuring a third last year during a protest.  

Following his conviction, Rittenhouse and his family moved into Trump’s resort located in Palm Beach, Florida. Meek is always vociferous about the injustices of the Judiciary system. He has collaborated to make things better for minorities.  

The rapper has assisted in the REFORM’s formation Alliance, a non-profit that has made significant advances in crime control and community corrections. Earlier this year, he became the first rapper to be honoured with the Nelson Mandela Changemaker Humanitarian Award. 


This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.  

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