LeBron James’ non-profit to offer lodging for low-income and disadvantaged families

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LeBron James’ non-profit to offer lodging for low-income and disadvantaged families

LeBron James' non-profit to offer lodging for low-income and disadvantaged families

James’, I PROMISE Village will house families who are battling with aggressive behavior at home, homelessness, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

The Lebron James Family Foundation saw pictures of a recently repaired building in Akron, Ohio that has been transformed into a lodging community for burdened families, reports News 5 Cleveland. 

The I PROMISE Village fills in as a “transitional housing network” for Akron families who are battling with aggressive behaviors at home, homelessness, or different barriers. The structure is found only a couple of miles from James’ I PROMISE School, which permits students to be sufficiently close to attend the institution. 

The high rise is furnished with a pantry, supply room, outdoor physical region, study room and nursery, where families will figure out how to collect their own produce. A few evenings per week, the Village will serve family dinners. 

There will likewise be an opportunity for the residents to find out about healthy lifestyle cooking, money related education, sewing and home repair skills. 

“Being able to offer this safe haven for our families is transformational in every sense of the word,” said Michele Campbell, Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation. “This is about more than just getting kids to school. This is about keeping them alive. We are seeing families struggling every day with very real and oftentimes unexpected issues that turn their worlds upside down. This will allow the family time and opportunities to grow while not worrying if they’ll have a roof over their heads.”

Beside his magnanimous undertakings, James has been utilizing his foundation to carry attention to issues influencing the Black community. On Thursday (July 23), James utilized his time at a post-scrimmage question and answer session to request justice for Breonna Taylor, a Black lady who was lethally shot in her home by Louisville cops. 

“First of all, I want to continue to shed light on justice for Breonna Taylor and to her family and everything that’s going on with that situation,” the Los Angeles Lakers superstar said.

“We want the cops arrested who committed that crime. In the state of Kentucky — what is going on down there — I know a lot of people are feeling the same,” he continued. “Us as the NBA and [as] players — me as one of the leaders of this league — I want her family to know and I want the state of Kentucky to know that we feel for her and we want justice. That is what it’s all about. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.”


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