Major Recording Artist WASHYXXC reminisces over the peaks and valleys of his music grind on ‘617 Nights’

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Editorial Pick, Latest, Music News | 0 comments

Major Recording Artist WASHYXXC has never doubted, compromised, or cheated the music game. His relentless pursuit of greatness has created unimaginable pain, loss, and unparalleled fear. WASHYXXC embarked upon his music career journey 1,095 days ago and never looked in the rear mirror of doubt. 

WASHYXXC’s sound is a rare hybrid genre mixture of Hip-Hop, electro-dance, and pop. WASHXXC’s trademarked hyper-flow rap delivery creates a unique lane of musical creativity and mass appeal.   

WASHYXXC’s latest release, ‘X: XC-EP’, contains six dynamically diverse tracks designed to motivate, inspire, and energize a listener’s soul. ‘617 Nights’ is the lead track from ‘X: XC-EP’ and provides a high-energy, edgy Hip-Hop sound infused with an intricate party vibe. 

 ‘WASHYXXC’s capacity to illuminate visionary thoughts and deliver poetic justice certifies his musical talent. ‘617 NIGHTS’ is another example of why you should always ‘BETONYOURSELF.’  

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