Marcy Venture Partners sees the vision of Spatial Labs

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Businesses are always looking for the hidden new markets, gaining an early advantage over their competition. Jay-Z’s Marcy Venture Partners is one of many companies that are looking to cash in on what could be the future of business – spatial LABS.  

What are Spatial Labs?  

With the partnership, MVP and sLABS will delve into the intersection of tech, culture, and humanity.  

Under spatial LABS, Sandu will first launch LNQ, a blockchain-enabled hardwire platform that “aims to make the metaverse more accessible and provide creators with decentralized tools to engage with their communities through LNQ’s proprietary, real-time processing stack,” according to a press release. 

Why are spatial labs excited to partner with Marcy Venture Partners?  

“The partnership with Marcy Venture Partners will support our vision of empowering the youth by providing them with access to technology,” Sandu said in a statement. ‘I cannot understate the importance of this partnership, for it is not simply measured by the work we do now, but by the immeasurable impact it will have on generations to come.’  

Why is Jay-Z putting money into this new venture?  

“Iddris has a conscious world view and is committed to the youth, and that type of vision is incredibly refreshing and inspirational to witness,” JAY-Z said in a statement. Our lifetime impact on people has similar parallels for us. Creating and supporting others with his help is an exciting opportunity for me.”  

The vision of Marcy Ventures Partners  

MVP’s portfolio companies encompass a wide range of positive values, such as sustainability, empowerment, accessibility, convenience, health & wellness, personal expression, and a positive attitude. Moreover, their organizations are directed by the best management teams with an overarching purpose, a comprehensive vision, and the highest quality results. Marcy Venture Partners leads or partners in companies with potential for high growth, consistent customer delight, from a distinct product value proposition, demonstrated increase, and a clear catalyst for moving beyond their current level of growth.   

C/o Spatial Labs here sLABS (@spatial_labs) • Instagram photos and videos 

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