Married to Medicine star blesses activist with veneers after cop violently knocked out her teeth

Married to Medicine star blesses activist with veneers after cop violently knocked out her teeth

A Chicago cop knocked out Miracle Boyd’s teeth while she was attempting to record a kindred protestor’s capture. 

On the night of July 17, 18-year-old protestor Miracle Boyd was ambushed by a Chicago cop while protesting at the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park. A few of her teeth were viciously knocked out during the physical altercation. The high schooler has since gotten another reason to smile via  “Married To Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly. 

Dr. Radiant took to Instagram to share photographs and video of Boyd’s new veneers. “My beautiful Miracle @miracleboyd18,” she captioned the post. “I’m so sorry this happened to you! Glad I could help. #BlackLivesMatter #PrayForOURBabies @smilesbydrheavenly.”

A couple of days after the ambush, Boyd stood up at a question and answer session. 

“So, basically, a caucasian male was [getting] arrested and I was recording the police,” she said. “The police officer came up to me and he smacked my phone out my hand and it hit me in the mouth. My [teeth] got knocked out. I feel like it shouldn’t have happened.”

She included,  “[The cop] wanted me to put my phone away, I wasn’t going to put it away…. You can’t deny me my rights.” Boyd also called for the officer to be relieved of his duties.

Numerous individuals saw the ambush and it was caught on video camera. Jeanette Taylor stood in opposition to the circumstance not long after it occurred. “I’m going to tell you right now, if this was my kid — and Miracle is one of mine — I would burn this city to the ground,” Taylor said of Boyd, who is good friends with her daughter. “You beat people up over a statue? You rough them up over a statue?”

She closed, “They’re so busy protecting white supremacy, they’re so busy protecting a Christopher Columbus statue that they beat her.”

In excess of 20 complaints were documented against the Chicago Police Department the evening of Boyd’s attack. Major Lori Lightfoot has since requested the expulsion of the Columbus statues from two Chicago parks to forestall further encounter between the officers and protestors. 

Look at video and photographs of Boyd’s new smile below


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