Media Maven ReddRoxx empowers, educates, and inspires with 10 Bad Bitch Commandments

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There nothing more beautiful than a woman’s strength and grace. God designed women with sensibilities and emotional intelligence, which balances humankind’s power structure. Women are teachers of children, guidance counselors, power players in Wall Street, and goddesses of love. A woman creates an ultra-unique euphoria that stimulates and illuminates her sheer power. Women are the most coveted possessions on planet earth, and everything revolves around their cosign.   

A woman’s presence can control and dominate a room full of people without her saying a word. The eyes of a confident woman are a priceless and unforgettable image. In 2021, women are creating jobs, winning Oscar awards, leading social justice protests, impacting podcasting via iHeartRadio and Spotify. The National Football League and National Basketball Association have implemented women in higher ranking positions of management.   

Media Maven/Author ReddRoxx released one of the most influential self-empowerment books with 10 Bad B*tch Commandments. ReddRoxx’s life is a transparent reflection of personal struggles, pain, financial independence, and self-empowerment. ReddRoxx’s mission with 10 Bad B*tch Commandments is to educate, inspire, and women to optimize every aspect of life. 10 Bad B*tch Commandments analyze ‘ten’ critical components of the life development cycle: 







Mental Health 




10 Bad B*tch Commandments is a partnership between self-awareness and self-worth.  10 Bad B*tch Commandments impact amongst women is incalculable.  10 Bad B*tch Commandments reviews have garnered 5-star reviews and critical acclaim from countless premium media outlets. 10 Bad B*tch Commandments lessons and content enables women to actualize their greatness and provide mental stimulation to break perceived glass ceilings. 10 Bad B*tch Commandments educates women to understand their life is limitless and all possibilities are convertible reality opportunities.  

ReddRoxx maintains plans to launch a virtual seminar symposium that focuses on each commandment and provides an intimate look at her lifestyle. ReddRoxx press run for 10 Bad B*tch Commandments has generated attention from media giants. ReddRoxx recently sat down with Fox 5 KVVU-TV and highlighted the importance of 10 Bad B*tch Commandments. 10 Bad B*tch Commandments is available worldwide via Amazon here  

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.

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Jonathan P-Wright
Jonathan P-Wright
3 years ago

Her book is 🔥🔥🔥

Voshawn D Johnson
Voshawn D Johnson
3 years ago


Voshawn D Johnson
Voshawn D Johnson
3 years ago


Voshawn D Johnson
Voshawn D Johnson
3 years ago


JP Da iLList
JP Da iLList
2 years ago

Dope article