Mercedes-AMG and Unveil Immersive MBUX Sound Drive Experience

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Latest, Music News | 0 comments

After almost three years of collaboration, Mercedes-AMG and music maestro have launched a revolutionary, interactive music experience. The high-performance car manufacturer and the renowned artist have co-developed the MBUX Sound Drive, an in-car technology that evolves music based on real-time driving dynamics.

The Concept: MBUX Sound Drive

The innovative MBUX Sound Drive can interpret and respond to any in-car “signal,” from acceleration, braking, steering to windscreen rain sensors. This capacity to sync with these signals allows the creation of rhythms that augment focus, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

“Imagine a world where your car can become an instrument creating musical journeys. MBUX Sound Drive enhances driving and sound technology, letting motorists reshape music just by driving,” said.

The Launch Event

On January 9, hosted a presentation at the Las Vegas Convention Center, elucidating the vision behind this groundbreaking technology. The artist expressed his excitement about how composers, producers, and songwriters might harness this technology to create new works and reimagine classics for motorists.

The launch of the MBX Sound Drive is set for mid-2024, and it will come equipped in Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Benz vehicles fitted with the second-generation MBUX system.

Access for Existing Users

For existing Mercedes customers, the software will be accessible using the Update Wizard on their MBX display or the Mercedes me connect app once it becomes available in their region.


The MBux Sound Drive is not just a new frontier for music creation, but it also introduces fresh, thrilling, and interactive listening experiences for drivers. It’s a testament to the creative prowess of Mercedes-AMG and, and their commitment to enhancing the driving experience with innovative technology

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