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Some people are born with three strikes and “NO PLAN B.” Young Black males struggle to survive in a world where police brutality hoovers over their daily presence, admiration for street life luxuries, and the allure of the drug game, which includes unlimited money, women, and power. Michael Flemming, aka Mikey Badass, was born into the notorious street life of Evansville, Indiana. Incarceration plagued Mikey Badass during his early childhood years and almost derailed his future music career. Mikey Badass was born with the God-given ability to transform pain into 16 bars of rap poetry.

From the beginning, Mikey Badass saw the world from a different lens than his childhood friends and enemies. The drug game provided Mikey with mental toughness and tenacity that would launch his music career. Mikey Badass understood the balance between “life and death,” and most importantly, he witnessed how death has no friends. Mikey Badass detached from the “Fast and Furious” lifestyle of the drug trade and converted his hustle towards music. The revenue he acquired from drug selling financed his studio sessions, music equipment, business travel, and online presence.

Mikey Badass began his record label in 2017 titled “MB Multimedia Group.” Underneath the MB Multimedia Group umbrella includes a record label, clothing line, online marketing firm, and publishing agency. Mikey Badass released his critically acclaimed lead single “Slide On Em” via MUSICHYPEBEAST/EMPIRE in 2018. The lead track became an instant success on music streaming giant Spotify and has generated over 50,000 streams in over 14 countries.

Mikey Badass has developed a robust musical following via Pandora, and his single has been streamed more than 80,000 times and counting. The brand of Mikey Badass is making serious strides in the digital music business and via social media. Mikey Badass life has been conflicted since the day of his birth, but he has never allowed anyone or anything to prevents him from pursuing his dreams. Mikey Badass is the New Breed of Music Millennials.

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