Mobile advertising continues to generate billions in revenue

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Mobile Advertising Continues To Grow

Online advertising is a fast-growing marketplace with companies continuously replacing traditional means, for instance, TV commercials, with online paid methods. Within this sector, mobile is expected to be more prominent now that various advancements have been made for making the most of that platform. 

On the Rise of Mobile Advertising 

Mobile advertising continues to grow. Each year the number of different mobile advertisers in America is doubling. That means, in 2020, there will need to be 5 million ad creators per month just in the US alone. The opportunities are endless when it comes to this new space. So watch your back because your competitors are watching their ads more closely than ever before.   Mobile ad spending has more than doubled since 2013, making it more vital than ever for marketers to get the most out of the growing competition. Growth is mainly attributed to data security concerns consumers have related to using apps on mobile devices. This increase in mobile advertising will continue to grow with no signs of slowing down. 

How Advertisers Take Advantage of Mobile 

Due to the significant boom in mobile advertising, many advertisers are jumping on board and accounting for increased ad spend. Advertisers use geotargeting (also referred to as geocopping or geo-marketing), location-based services (LBS), and precise audience targeting according to your device’s operating system platform and app ecosystem. The following chart takes an inside look at how these tactics can help you grab more eyes and show up higher than other ads.   According to a study conducted by International Data Corporation, “ad spending on mobile ad units” will surpass the total global spending on advertising in 2018. This has led many people to predict that mobile data will soon overtake the display as advertisers’ biggest form of ad revenue.   

Online Marketing Strategies on Mobile 

Mobile continues to grow in adoption, and while this is big news for the marketing world, it’s also good for business. Mobile ad spending remains strong, more marketers utilize mobile-first marketing strategies to target their audience, and even social media has an app (at least on the iPhone). This infographic looks at how online marketers should use mobile.   With more company content being opted for mobile viewing, there is a real opportunity for brands to connect with consumers the way they prefer – on their phone screens.  Furthermore, one of the most disruptive forces to marketing and advertising on the go has been the proliferation of mobile devices. Online marketers are finding new ways to connect with consumers via the mobile marketplace by looking at paid advertising options and promotion tactics. 

Making Marketing Effective on Your Mobile Platform 

For ad creators, mobile is a market segment of unprecedented size and growth. UNABRIDGED helps some of the world’s largest brands gauge audience reactions to their mobile apps more accurately.

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.  

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