Naya Rivera missing after swim, assumed dead

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Naya Rivera missing after swim, assumed dead

Naya Rivera missing after swim, assumed dead

Naya Rivera missing after swim, assumed dead

Naya Rivera’s 4-year-old child was discovered dozing alone in a pontoon.

On Wednesday (July 8) evening, stunning news broke that on-screen character Naya Rivera was absent after she and her 4-year-old child, Josey Hollis Dorsey, took a dip.

As indicated by various outlets, CBS Los Angeles included, Rivera’s child was found in a leased pontoon alone in Lake Piru and when he was asked where his mom was, he conceded that the two of them jumped in the water before previously, however Rivera never returned. Dorsey was really discovered sleeping in it.
“According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, Rivera rented the boat at about 1 p.m. About three hours later, another boater found the child in the boat by himself,” the news site claims. “The boaters notified officials who immediately began a search for Rivera with the use of helicopters, drones and dive teams.” The child was reportedly unharmed.

This news has now hit online and has devotees of the star asking that she is discovered free from any potential harm. Generally known for her job in hit TV show “GLEE,” supporters of the arrangement are communicating how broken-hearted they are about this declaration, however they’re seeking the most ideal result.

“Prayers up for the lovely Naya Rivera,” fellow actress Jackée Harry tweeted. “We starred alongside one another in her first very television series, ‘The Royal Family,’ and I’ve watched her career blossom ever since. Please God, don’t cut this life short.”

Directly before 11 p.m. PT, columnist Rebecca Lewis tweeted the most recent updates by then. “Specialists have suspended their quest for the night at Lake Piru in Ventura County and plan to continue on Thursday,” she said. “Ventura Sheriff’s office affirms the missing individual is Naya Rivera. The hunt will proceed ‘from the start light.'”


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