New project coming from Blxst, share meaning of name

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Generally, artists aren’t able to stick with the original name they used, but Blxst talks about what it was like to become a father and how that affected his stage name.

During a recent interview with “Sway in the Morning“, the Los Angeles native stated that the reason for keeping his original artist’s name, which is pronounced blast, is actually due to his son.

“I originally conceived of Blxst when I was a young child and it literally had no meaning whatsoever when I was a child, so I decided to rethink it. Initially, I was a lyricist, but soon after having my son decided to become his superhero, so I became Blxst the superhero,” he revealed in response to a question about the meaning of his stage name.

A collaboration between his record label, Evgle, and Red Bull Records enabled the West Coast artist to debut his EP “No Love Lost” in 2020.

Blaxst, whose signature style has him flitting between rapping and carrying a melody, also discusses what inspires him when it comes to approaching a song.

“I would just note that sometimes the ideas just flow through me like a river, and other times, I just paint whatever is in my mind, he said. “I don’t go into the studio with any preconceived notion about doing a particular thing. In the end I do what I feel, and I am grateful to those who made it possible for me to be able to go down that road, like Drake and Kanye West. I think about people in the sound who have been there so long whenever I am just free.”

The 29-year-old rapper revealed during a recent appearance at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival that he is preparing to release his new project, Before You Go.

“For me, that is as though I am writing a note to myself to remind me to leave some things behind maybe take some things with him, but it is also finding a balance of me as a man beyond just being a rapper, as he says on the new mixtape set to release on April 22,” he informed of the release date.

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