New single by Day Sulan features “Gravity”

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

Day Sulan made some serious waves with the singles “Mascara” and “BIG” with Rubi Rose” in addition to making a massive appearance on the YG show “Equinox.” She also recently collaborated with her 4Hunnid Records boss and fellow labelmate D3szn for the highly anticipated track, Lil Wayne for “Blood Walk” as well as “Hit Em Up,” with YG once again for “Bailar,”

Featuring a sultry video that shows her and her fellow dancers using the track to perfection, she returns today with a brand new single titled “Gravity,” which arrives with a brand new music video.

With her new home team, collaboration and investment have been a key factor in Day Sulan’s success. As she described in a recent interview, being the first lady at 4Hunnid means the following:

“It means a great deal to me. I am getting a great deal of attention from YG. Having him go the extra mile for me only motivates me to do the same. As a result of everything he’s done for me, I’ve got some shit to do. The fact that I am now the first lady of 4HUNNID makes me go crazy. There is no option, it is mandatory.”

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