New single from Kevin Gates “Trying 2 Forgive”

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A new song from Kevin Gates dropped on Saturday (March 11) titled “Trying 2 Forgive,” which is an emotional track in which Gates admits to his emotional and mental struggles.

Kevin Gates released his third studio album, Khaza, in 2022, a 19-track collection that included one collaboration with Juicy J featuring on the hit single “Thinking With My D**k.” According to Billboard, the album debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart with sales of nearly 40,000 album-equivalent units during its first week following its release. In the years since, he has kept his fans in the loop with the six-track FYP EP as well as several well-received drops such as “Breakfast,” “7:12pm (Freestyle),” and “Major League.” His contributions can also be heard on songs like Lul Bob “Brackz Yeah,” DDG “Love Myself,” Finesse2Tymes’ “CEO,” FL Dusa “Exhausted,” and T.I. “Active.”

As well as his sit-down with Khaza, Kevin Gates also provided one of the best sit-downs with Yung Miami that can be associated with his show, “Caresha Please.” In the specific session that lasted more than an hour, Gates gave the Floridian star detailed information about his sexual exploits and preferences, which included a 90-day ban on women who do not meet his Muslim-based standards and are not in conformity with them.

“Some women haven’t been taught properly how to clean themselves properly, so they don’t have the necessary skills,” he said. “They have no idea what a vaginal wall cleaning is, so they do not know how it works. The problem is that they do not know that tampons should not be used during that time. Inaccessible uterine lining gets stuck in their walls and causes odors.”

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