New song and video from Flo Milli, “Nasty Dancer”

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A year ago, in July 2022, Flo Milli released her first full-length album, You Still Here, Ho? Featuring 15 records, there were two bonus tracks included with the project, as well as guest appearances from Rico Nasty and Babyface Ray, as well as a narration from Tiffany “New York” Pollard. The visuals for some of the cuts from the project have already been available to fans for the likes of “No Face” and “Big Steppa.”

The Alabama-born artist Flo Milli, who was born on February 17, returns with her brand new single “Nasty Dancer” which is accompanied by a video that accompanies this single. She has just released a remix of the song “Conceited” featuring Lola Brooke and Maiya The Don, which is the follow-up to the remix she released last month for “Conceited.” Flo raps about the importance of taking control in the new song:

As part of her “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Tour”, the 23-year-old singer also wrapped up the tour in November of 2022 with Monaleo serving as her opening act for the show. Besides releasing her own albums, the “In The Party” rapper can also be heard on a number of recent collaborations, including: “Asthma Pump” featuring Tay Money, “Snatched (Remix)” featuring Big Boss Vette, “Maneuver” featuring Lakesha, and more.

As Flo Milli explained in a recent Elle interview, it was important to Flo to demonstrate her versatility with her latest project. “ Many of my fans are unaware that I pay attention to their feedback, what they have to say, and what they want from me. The purpose of making this project different was to have it be a roller coaster ride that would take my fans on a journey through my personality and show them different sides to myself,” she said.

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