New video for “Camry” from Kyle The Hooligan

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

With the release of his new single, “Camry,” Kyle The Hooligan is back with a new single, and this time he brings along a Matt O’Neil-produced tune that focuses on putting a stop to a toxic situation to facilitate growth:

This track comes with accompanying visuals thanks to the likes of 12vy and Midnight Collective. As intended by the song’s subject matter, viewers will be able to see Kyle pouring out his heart for his love interest, Courtney Allegra. In the song, Courtney portrays him. There is one in which the two are arguing with each other while riding around in an old Toyota Camry and arguing over a matter.

Camry” is Kyle The Hooligan’s new single and represents the latest in a string of quality singles he has released in the past few years. His constant line-up of loose drops over the course of 2022 included tracks like “Six Speed,” “Highs and Loews,” “Say My Name,” “Siamese,” “6 Am,” “Enemies,” “Brand New Bentley,” “Love Me Not,” “Monte Carlo,” and “Tennessee.” He also collaborated with the young rapper Teflon Saga on the six-song EP Far From Paradise over the summer. As he was gearing up for the arrival of 2023, Kyle made serious waves with another melodic song, “Cocaine Cowboys,” which focuses on a young man whose attempts to get out of a committed relationship and start living a rock star lifestyle is rooted in marital problems.

Kyle The Hooligan previously worked for disgraced AI rapper FN Meka’s recording company as a voiceover artist. During an exclusive interview, he shared details about his unfortunate experience, revealing that even though he did the best he could for his job, he was not properly compensated for it:

I heard only one thing that came into my head and that was the song ‘Moonwalkin’. The average amount it did over the last three years would have been around $500 because they put me on DistroKid. There was no profit made from any of the TikToks that they produced. As a whole, I was promised there was equity in the character.”

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