The new video for “Gangsta’s Paradise” features Tink leading a heist

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With Thanks 4 Nothing, Tink’s first album in over a year, Tink returned in February with a 14-track body of work featuring features from Yung Bleu and Ty Dolla $ign. There was no shortage of excitement over the weekend when the Illinois-born singer released his video for the song “Gangsta’s Paradise” from his upcoming album. Throughout the new video directed by Josh Jones, Tink makes an attempt to pull off a robbery before the situation eventually takes an unexpected turn that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. This song was written by Hitmaka over an instrumental by her that refers to her as a ride-or-die type of person:

There was an album released in 2022 that preceded Thanks 4 Nothing, Pillow Talk, which contained 16 songs and featured appearances by Russ, Fabolous, Toosii, Muni Long, Layton Greene, and others. Besides the songs she has released for herself, the artist can also be heard on some of her most recent collaboration projects; including “Somebody” with Vedo, “Whatever” with Babyface, “I’m Tryin” with Eric Bellinger, and more.

As Tink mentioned in a previous interview, she will be taking a different approach for the next body of work they will create. “I must take some time out of my busy schedule to just center myself and to do a lot of living. It’s time for me to take another direction and say something new on the next album that I’ll be releasing. It is necessary for me to experience more life. As a writer, I find that everything I write comes from a very personal place. Every time I write, I’m trying to convey the story of someone who might be struggling or trying to convey my own story,” she explained to me.

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