Next Level Female Empowerment, Her Highness

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Feeling Good about our Lifestyle & Body isn’t Just a Privilege, it’s our Right!

Nobody truly understands the female body inside and out, or how women want to feel, better than women themselves—step aside men, the leaders of Cannabis Couture products and potions are here to reign. Her Highness is proudly inspired, engineered and tested—by women, for women.

“We saw a white space in the market early on. The evolution of cannabis into consumer packaged goods did not include a brand that was drawing women in.” says Her Highness Co-
Founder Laura Eisman.

“In Her Highness, we created a coveted lifestyle, centered around feel- good products in-sync with the way women live. From our bold glamorous packaging to messaging that’s smart and witty, we have women hooked and comfortably exploring cannabis in its many forms.”

Her Highness is a female-founded and female-first lifestyle Cannabis Brand based in New York, designed for the modern cannabis consumer. With an elevated brand aesthetic, a sophisticated collection of cannabis and CBD products, and stylish consumption accessories, Her Highness is created for the feminine lifestyle.

Her Highness’ CBD and accessories are readily available online. THC products retail in recreational states including California and Nevada, with formulations that deliver female-friendly effects—high-functioning, clear head, sans-munchies and anxiety-free. Her Highness’ products are developed to benefit women, addressing specific needs in their
daily lives.

Next Level Female Empowerment, Her Highness

Best of all, made with the highest quality materials and pure ingredients, Her Highness delivers a clean, reliable experience and memorable high. Her Highness is committed to supporting all women in Cannabis. Through a partnership with the Last Prisoner Project (LPP), Her Highness both donates and raises funds that directly support women incarcerated for non-violent cannabis crimes.

What’s more—half of the proceeds from the entirety of the LPP sales will benefit women in prison for cannabis offenses. The three women featured on the product’s packaging will receive 25% of the revenue, with the remaining 25% going towards a fund for helping women with their re-entry to life post-release.

“We wanted to create a premium cannabis experience tailored to women in every way, infused with a sense of play and delivered with style. For ourselves and for our friends, we craved cannabis products that rise to meet women at our level, instead of the other way around. We’re offering an easy on ramp for the canna-curious through our low dose and CBD options as well as a destination for sophisticated users, with our kief-infused and higher THC offerings. Our mission is to normalize female cannabis use, reverse the stigma, stand in support of other women in cannabis and continuously give back to facilitate the release of female cannabis prisoners. ” explains Allison Krongard, Her Highness Co-Founder.

Products range from Virginia Slim-inspired pre-rolls designed with an elongated crutch (to protect gel manicures and prevent singed eyelashes), discreet mints that magically take the edge off (healthier than a glass of wine), orgasm enhancing Pleasure Oil (ahem, game changer) to accessories fashionable enough to display (meet the chicest herb grinder to ever grace a rolling tray). Her Highness’ glamorous gold electroplated vape pens are custom made with
stainless interiors, filled with effect-inducing formulas aptly named Giggle, The Queen’s Elixir, Sleeping Beauty, and High Priestess.

About the Founders
Laura Eisman is a several-time entrepreneur, best known for founding,
fashion’s pioneer e-commerce site, in 1998. Purveyor of hundreds of cutting-edge designers,
with a flagship store in NYC’s Meatpacking District, Girlshop became the premier destination
and authority for trend-making style at a time when investors couldn’t believe people would
actually buy clothing on the Internet. The brand’s cool, relatable viewpoint spawned 2 sister
websites, branded shopping tours, a personal shopping service and a NYC shopping guide.
Eisman has been written about in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Ad
Age, Entrepreneur and People among other publications, and cited as one of 50 New Yorkers to
watch. She served as Creative Director at iVillage and Creative Consultant at AOL, where
she relaunched to fame. Eisman specializes in brand development, trend
forecasting, visual and textual content, public relations and marketing to women.
Allison Krongard founded the wall décor company WallCandy Arts (WCA) in 2001, built it into
a multi-million dollar business, and sold it to The McCall Pattern Co. with a successful exit in2016.

At WCA, Krongard invented peel-and-stick chalkboard, obtained 3 utility patents, and set
up multiple licensing channels across several industries from home goods to printing. WCA
distributed product to over 2500 retail shops worldwide and Krongard’s exclusive designs for
Target, Design Within Reach and QVC, along with features in over 90 national publications
made the company a household name. Krongard has over 20 years experience in luxury
product sales, licensing and specialty brand building to the female consumer. She is an expert
in product design and development, sourcing, production, packaging, wholesale sales
infrastructure, and overseas distribution.

Next Level Female Empowerment, Her Highness

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. If you have time on your
hands, go on and google the other 112. But all you really need to know is that Hemp is the word
that the world uses for strains of the cannabis sativa plant with levels of THC below 0.3%.

Not above 0.3%. We produce the finest and purest hemp CBD stuff. We are so proud of that
fact that we list all the ingredients on our website and on each package. We also have lab 2 reports available on the product pages – click the link called Certificate of Analysis, for your
reading pleasure.

No ma’am. CBD affects our central nervous system (we believe in a good way) but does not
produce any high effects. You should maintain a clear mind.

If we didn’t believe that, we wouldn’t be here. Many studies claim that CBD has numerous
health benefits. Such studies suggest that it can naturally aid in nervous system balance,
increase focus and clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, help with sleep and weight loss, manage
aches and pains and reduce inflammation. You get the picture.

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