Pacman Da Gunman releases “4th and Long”

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

The Bulletproof Soul EP, a collaborative effort between Pacman Da Gunman and Hit-Boy, was officially released back in March of 2022, on the third anniversary of the passing of Nipsey Hussle, on the day of his death. A total of nine tracks were featured on the project and additional assistance was provided by Dom Kennedy, aPeezy, J Stone, B. Carr, nd Yhung T.O. In addition to that, the Los Angeles based artist has dropped off plenty of singles since then, such as “Broken,” “Examples,” “Poetic Justice,” and more.

Over the weekend, the rapper Pacman Da Gunman from “Never Gon Change” returned with a new track inspired by the football field, “4th & Long,” which displays his love for competition while showcasing his love for music. With Pacman’s signature gritty flow, BeatBoy has provided the perfect backing instrumental for Pacman’s new single:

Before Bulletproof Soul, there was 2021’s 6325, an album with ten tracks on which a number of artists were featured, including Kacey Khaliel, Derek King, Sncr, Richard Fisher,and the late Hussle. Besides his own releases, he was also able to deliver guest verses on a number of tracks, such as “Got Me” with $tupid Young, “Ask The Opps 2” with Yhung T.O., “BIG STEPPAS” with Kruk One, “Money Man” with Conradfrmdaaves, and more.

According to Pacman Da Gunman, who spoke about how it was living without his mentor and collaborator Hussle when he passed away in a previous interview, life has been very difficult for him. As I said, it’s kind of weird to be outside in LA now that Hussle has left. As I recall, Peezy from Detroit came out here and said, ‘Boy, it just doesn’t feel like Detroit out here’ It’s crazy because he’s from Detroit, yet he can feel the same feeling out here. There is a lot of sadness for those of us who had the pleasure of knowing him and having known him for so long. And I am sure that it always will be.”

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