Playboi Carti Unveils ‘Chaotic and Crazy’ Sounds From His Cave Recording Experience

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Celebrated music artist Playboi Carti is set to mark the three-year milestone of his chart-topping album, Whole Lotta Red this December. The groundbreaking album, which has been a mainstay in music rotations since its Christmas Day release in 2020, has sparked an array of theories. The project has been known by various working titles, including the cryptic “Music.”

In a recent conversation with Damien Cummings for Numéro Berlin, Carti shed light on his unconventional recording process for his latest work, which intriguingly included a prolonged stay inside an unspecified cave and other distinctive locations.

Music Born in a Cave: A Journey Into the Unorthodox

“I’ve been recording in Paris, I love Paris. Amazing,” Carti told the publication.

Carti’s recording journey took him to the French capital, Paris, which he openly adores. But more fascinating is his admission of spending about three months inside a cave, a move that might seem eccentric to some. The music born out of this unique experience, according to Carti, is nothing short of “chaotic and crazy.”

Carti’s Diverse Recording Locales and Their Influence on His Music

“Then, I’m in a glass house, somewhere in the hills, and the music there is just very good to the ears. And then, I’m in Atlanta and the tensions are just high and the music is biting.”

Carti’s musical journey didn’t stop at the cave. He went further to record in a glass house nestled somewhere in the hills. The music birthed there was, in Carti’s words, “very good to the ears.” He also recorded in Atlanta, where the high tensions translated into biting music.

The Anticipation of a New Album

Even though Carti didn’t give specific details about the release plans of this much-anticipated album or a final title, he did share his excitement about its likely release. He believes he’s about to release the “best album” of his career, a sentiment he admits to feeling with every project.

“This is my moment,” he said. “This is the one for me.”

This suggests a strong conviction in the quality of his impending work and a readiness to meet the expectations of his fans.

The Antagonist Tour and Album Release Speculations

Carti’s latest run of U.S. tour dates, dubbed the Antagonist Tour, was initially planned to start earlier but will now commence at the start of 2024. With the support of Ken Carson, Destroy Lonely, and Homixide Gang, the tour will kick off with a show at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City on Jan. 14.

Given that Carti’s new album is widely speculated to be released in 2024, the shift in tour dates is understandable. The eagerness for a WLR follow-up among fans remains undeniably high. As proof, fans are still actively commenting on a Carti Instagram post from December of last year.

Playboi Carti’s Opium Label: A Year in Review

In summary, as the three-year anniversary of Whole Lotta Red draws near, fans eagerly anticipate new music from Playboi Carti. His unique recording process and the promise of a “chaotic and crazy” sound have only heightened the anticipation. As we wait, the words echo: “This is my moment. This is the one for me.”

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