Police prevented Tyre Nichols from being helped by former Memphis EMT Robert Long

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Tyre Nichols, a 27-year-old black man, was fatally shot by Memphis police on Jan 7, 2023. After Nichols was beaten by five officers during a traffic stop that turned violent, he was left bloodied and injured. Sadly, he passed away three days later.

As emergency medical technicians, our first instinct is to rush in and help those in need. But what happens when police officers stand in the way of us doing our job? That’s exactly what happened to one ex-Memphis EMT who claims he was prevented from helping Tyre Nichols – a tragic case that raises serious questions about how law enforcement and emergency responders can work together more effectively.

The shooting sparked outrage and protests in Memphis, with many claiming that police could have saved Nichols’s life if they had provided medical assistance. However, the police department claimed that they did everything they could to save his life.

“There is an MPD officer leaning over the patient, shouting loudly that the patient will not be moving anywhere, and that they will not be uncuffing him, ”Robert Long said claiming it is impeding the treatment of the patient. According to him, he also informed the board that he had assessed Nichols at the time of his arrival. As he examined the 29-year-old, he noted that he had a broken lip, a bump on his head, as well as a dried bloody nose that was bleeding. According to the Sacramento native, when he asked him what happened and to what he had responded, the Sacramento native replied, “I want to stand up and be uncuffed.”

According to Long, he and other EMTs were prevented from rendering aid to Nichols by police officers who arrived on the scene. He claims that the officers were more concerned with preserving evidence than they were with saving Nichols’ life. As a result, Nichols bled to death while waiting for an ambulance that never came.

In the wake of Long’s allegations, many people have come forward to support him and speak out against the Memphis Police Department. Nichols’ family has also spoken out, saying that they believe Long and that the police department is at fault.

Robert Long ‘s claims have sparked a lot of controversy, with many people taking to social media to voice their opinions. Some people believe that Long is telling the truth and that the police department is in the wrong, while others think that he is making false accusations.

Long’s testimony is significant because it provides a first-hand account of the events that transpired on the night that Tyre Nichols was killed. His testimony also highlights the systemic problems within the EMS community that need to be addressed.

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