Quavo’s Illuminating Tribute: A Sky Alight for Takeoff

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In an act of reverence and remembrance, Quavo, the renowned rapper, orchestrated a celestial salute for his late companion, Takeoff, in his recent music video. The heartfelt tribute was enacted for the song “Hold Me”, a lyrical homage to the tragically departed artist. In a poignant scene, the crew, all donning attire adorned with Takeoff’s likeness, liberate lanterns into the stratosphere, as the reflective verses of the song reverberate in the backdrop.

The scene of tribute from Quavo’s music video for “Hold Me”

A Continuation of Gratitude

As the music video progresses, the second segment encapsulates Quavo, the erstwhile member of Migos, persevering in his journey. The rapper is seen captivating legions of fans on stages and amidst throngs in the city of lights, Paris.

The Album: Rocket Power

“Hold Me” is a track from Quavo’s latest musical endeavour, Rocket Power, his second venture as a solo artist. The album is a melodic concoction featuring posthumous verses from Takeoff, in addition to contributions from Future, Young Thug, among others.

Spread over 18 tracks, Rocket Power delves into the psyche and sentiments of Quavo, the architect behind “Workin Me”. The album also reflects the profound impact his adored nephew’s memory and energy had on him while he was crafting the project, as per a press release.

The Tragedy

Takeoff, born as Kirshnik Khari Ball, fell victim to a fatal shooting in Houston in November 2022. Justice for his untimely demise came in May 2023 when Patrick Xavier Clark was indicted by a grand jury and slapped with murder charges by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Quavo’s Grief

“I miss him a lot and I love him,” a 32-year-old Quavo candidly revealed during a conversation exclusively meant for his fans. “He knows I love him. That’s what we always knew. So when you see me and you see me smiling, you don’t have to ever think I forgot about him or I’ll forget about him. I think about him all the time. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. And that’s it. I just know he’s here. If I can’t feel him, I just know he’s around.”

Feel the power of the album Rocket Power and listen below.


In conclusion, the loss of Takeoff was a significant blow to the music industry and his close friends and family. However, through his music and actions, Quavo continues to honor and remember his dearly departed friend. The album Rocket Power serves as a musical testament to the deep bond and love between them. The song “Hold Me” and its accompanying music video are Quavo’s expressions of his grief and his way of keeping Takeoff’s memory alive.

Through the music, the lanterns, and the love, Quavo is ensuring that Takeoff’s spirit continues to shine brightly.

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