Queen Latifah and CBS run it back for Season 5 for ‘The Equalizer’

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The world of entertainment is always in flux, but one constant remains: the power of exceptional talent. One such talent that has continued to impress is none other than the indomitable Queen Latifah. With her recent venture, the ‘The Equalizer’, Latifah has further solidified her position as a force to reckon with.

The Equalizer – A Brief Overview

‘The Equalizer’ is not just another show on the block. It is a compelling drama that has captivated audiences all over, particularly among African American viewers. As per the Nielsen Most Current Data, the show is ranked at a commendable No. 8 overall season-to-date with 7.89 million viewers. Coupled with over 10 million viewers in live plus 35-day multiplatform viewership, the show’s reach is undeniable.

Latifah’s portrayal of a strong, relatable, and inspiring character in ‘The Equalizer’ has not just won her critical acclaim but also the hearts of millions of viewers. Queen Latifah’s performance is a testament to her versatility and talent.

CBS – The Home of ‘The Equalizer’

The show’s home, CBS, has always been a pioneer in bringing quality content to the audience. The network has a long history of producing shows that resonate with viewers across different demographics. ‘The Equalizer’ is yet another feather in its cap.

“The Equalizer, led by the incomparable Queen Latifah, has all the best elements of a powerful drama. The series is stacked with suspense, heroism, high stakes and formidable characters our audience roots for. We look forward to another dynamic season.” – Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment.

The Impact of ‘The Equalizer’

Audience Reception

The show has had a profound impact on its audience. It has successfully managed to strike a chord with its viewers, particularly the African American community. The fact that it is the #1 entertainment program among Black viewers is a testament to its appeal and relevance.

Business Implications

On the business front, ‘The Equalizer’ has brought in impressive numbers for CBS. With an average of 7.89 million viewers per episode and over 10 million viewers in live plus 35-day multiplatform viewership, the show has proven to be a lucrative venture for the network.

The Future of ‘The Equalizer’

Given the show’s success, it comes as no surprise that CBS has renewed ‘The Equalizer’ for a fifth season. This renewal is a testament to the show’s popularity and the network’s confidence in its continued success.

In conclusion, the combination of Queen Latifah and ‘The Equalizer’ is truly a match made in heaven. With the show’s renewal for a fifth season, viewers can expect more gripping storylines and exceptional performances. The future of ‘The Equalizer’ looks promising, and we look forward to witnessing the journey of this powerhouse combination.

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