Ray J opens up about divorcing Princess Love

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Ray J opens up about divorcing Princess Love

Ray J opens up about divorcing Princess Love

Ray J has revealed that filing for divorce from Princess Love was “the best thing to do.”

This week, the 39-year-old singer began to fill up the paperwork to legally end the marriage, after a brief reconciliation wherein the “Love & Hip Hop” star rescinded the divorce documents filed early this year.

Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” he said: “You know, I love her and I love my babies and it’s just personal, but she knows how I feel about her.

I just think that I want to make sure everybody is happy, that everybody enjoys life and that this can help her smile more and enjoy who she is and enjoy her life. You know, sometimes it’s the best thing to do.”

Ray has a 2-year-old daughter Melody and 8-month-old son Epik with his wife. He revealed that he did not seek the advice of his friends or family as he didn’t want “too many opinions” on the matter, and he is still unsure as to “what’s going to happen.”

He added: “It’s still so early, I really don’t know what’s going to happen, how it happens, but I just want to make sure that my babies and my Princess is in a great place mentally and that they can enjoy life.

“My wife, if there’s somebody better out there that she wants to be with, then I have to respect that as well. But hey, I don’t know… I can’t say too much, but I love you, Princess. That’s what I can say.”

He also divulged that there is scope for reconciliation of the couple, since it is important for them to stay in each other’s lives for their children.

He explained: “Even if we don’t make it, we still have to be with each other a lot, because we have a baby, so we’re together for life.

“Happiness is important. I think. I’ll sacrifice all my happiness for my kids.

“With that said, we’ll just have to wait and see [what the future holds], but I want to make sure that they’re in a good space, and that she’s in a great space throughout this journey as parents as well.”



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