The visuals for Raye’s new single, “Ice Cream Man,” are vulnerable

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In the beginning of this month, RAYE showcased her long-awaited debut album, My 21st Century Blues, to the world for the first time. As a result of the project, the London-bred hitmaker became the first artist to put out her own work independently after releasing a body of work in the past few years. As part of the executive production of My 21st Century Blues, frequent collaborator Mike Sabath contributed two features over the 15 total tracks of the album, both of which were from Mahalia and 070 Shake.

In this latest offering from the project, RAYE, who is just 25 years old, returns with the official music video for the recently released single, “Ice Cream Man.” Directed by the artist himself, the video bravely tackles a traumatic experience that RAYE himself has been through. She describes the events of her experience in such a detail in the song that we get a watch-by-watch account of what transpired:

“I did not tell anyone about my experience of sexual assault and rape when I went through these situations,” the songstress explained in a press release regarding the purpose of the song. It has been reported that one in four people suffer from sexual assault at some point in their lives. At least 25 percent of those of you who are reading this article are probably in that category. There is no doubt that there is a greater power in the darkness of the night than there is in the light of the day. I would like to encourage everyone not to bury anything deep down inside us for the rest of our lives. My best wishes to you, RAYE.”

There are other collaborations the “Black Mascara.” singer can be heard on besides her own releases if you take a look at her recent collaborations such as “You Can’t Change Me” performed with “WYS” recorded with Tion Wayne, David Guetta, “Midnight Strikes” recorded with Amorphous, “I Don’t Want You” performed with Riton, “Go Girl” recorded with Miraa May, “Waterfall” performed with Disclosure, and others.

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