“Save You” is the new music video from J.I.

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As early as this year, J.I. made his way back with a lot of loose drops such as “Black Roses” and “It’s Officially Done”, the latter of which premiered exclusively on Complex. As he continues to build on his momentum, on March 3rd, the New York City artist released a new song titled “Save You.” This song tells the story of a person needing someone to get them through hard times. Featuring a group therapy session, the short was directed by Derek Dreamfilms and Artixan and is set in a psychiatric hospital. It is only after he reveals to the group of musicians that he is addicted to pain that the 21-year-old rapper reveals to them his regret-filled hook:

It was in 2022 when the artist J.I., who is best known for his “Need Me” record, released his last album Young & Restless, Vol. 1 Baby Don, an album with 12 songs comprised an assortment of fan-favorites such as “Taken for Granted” and “Love Letter.” While this album was slightly lacking in features, it featured production by names like Whippit Up Sensei, Hagan, D.O.C, Chef Dior, Ambezza, GLVCK, CorMill, and more.

According to an interview with J.I., the musician spoke about what it was like to sell out SOBs, a famous venue in New York City, at such short notice. It was a very emotional moment for me because it was a result of hard work. The story of my life is a crazy one. In the future, you guys will be able to understand why it is that I’m so dedicated to my craft and why I go to such lengths to make it successful. I have had a long journey ahead of me. I find myself overwhelmed even by the fact that I am here. In my city, most people do not leave the city. At least, I don’t know of any people who do.” he said.

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