Sean Combs and Salesforce empower black businesses in 2021 with ‘Shop Circulate’.

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Salesforce partners with MarketPlacer to create a dynamic online shopping network 

In an announcement about Shop Circulate, Sean “Diddy” Combs teamed up with Salesforce to create a curated digital marketplace that offers exclusive items made by Black entrepreneurs. This platform’s mission is to empower consumers with Black owned brands and give Black businesses a global audience. MarketPlacer is a leading online marketplace technology company and Deloitte Digital is a partner to build and deliver this new platform. 

Shop Circulate aims to revolutionize minority e-commerce  

Announcing Shop Circulate on the centennial anniversary of the Tulsa massacre, the announcement emphasizes the importance of empowering Black entrepreneurs and circulating resources within the Black community.” 

“Building Black wealth begins with investing in Black-owned companies as well as providing access to consumers to help small businesses thrive. Using Salesforce’s platform will make it easier to achieve economic justice for all.” “I’m thrilled to partner with Salesforce on this initiative.” 

Sean Combs’s mission is to uplift, monetize, and globally brand black businesses.   

Sean Combs and Combs Enterprises were lauded by Marc Benioff, who is CEO and Chairman of Salesforce, for cooperating to reduce the wealth gap that prevents many Black Americans from achieving economic equality. Our nation is going to be closer to true equality if we support Black-owned businesses, make Black entrepreneurship prominent, and promote Black entrepreneurship through Shop Circulate.” 

Article was written by Jonathan P-Wright, freelance writer for R.N.H. Magazine and C.V.O. of RADIOPUSHERS 

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