Shana Shackelford creates a new lane in fashion with La Thick Madame Boutique

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Chasing your dreams comes at a high price in life. Real entrepreneurs at the darkest moments chose to  walk by faith and not sight. The world of fashion and design is not for the light-hearted. Thousands of  designers worldwide create clothing they feel is iconic and timeless. Clothing represents the identity  and mentality of a person in most cases. The famous cliché is “dress for success.” Every day a person  wears a piece of clothing with a designer’s label, representing an endorsement of power.  

Great designers possess a God-given ability to capture the inner desires and visions of a person. World  renown fashion houses and designers create clothing which becomes iconic in America’s history. Every  inch of a design reflects a journey of excellence, pain, struggle, passion, and the designer’s creative  genius. 

Shana Shackelford embodies the culture of America’s free enterprise. Launching your dream into a  successful reality requires extreme hustle and inner strength.  

La Thick Madame Boutique offers fashion lovers an ultra-versatile collection of clothing infused with  unparalleled sex appeal and comfort. La Thick Madam Boutique retails fashionable premium women’s  clothing. La Thick Madame Boutique’s competitive advantage lies within their mass commercial appeal.  Their fashion fits any casual, business, or semi-formal event experience.  

The cool-factor of La Thick is their user-friendly online shopping interface. Consumers easily navigate the  website and shop effortlessly without online bottlenecks. La Thick Madame Boutique enables users to  like, comment, and share online items from their mobile devices. La Thick Madame Boutique offers  online chat rooms and 24/7 website support for consumers. 

 La Thick Madame Boutique was created from passion and flourished into a movement powered by  Shana Shackelford. La Thick Madame Boutique has created a new lane in fashion empowered by the  inventive vision of Shana Shackelford.

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Jonathan P-Wright
Jonathan P-Wright
3 years ago

Excellent read!!