Shanae’s Musical Odyssey: A Journey of R&B, Authenticity, and Artistic Evolution

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Rising R&B sensation Shanae has embarked on an exhilarating journey of music, authenticity, and artistic evolution. Her debut EP, ‘reset’, is a testament to her talent, resilience, and dedication to her craft. This article delves into her remarkable journey, from her humble beginnings in Western Sydney to her transformative artistic rebirth.


The Australian music scene has witnessed the meteoric rise of Shanae, a dynamic R&B artist known for her evocative lyrics, unique sound, and powerful performances. With her debut EP, reset, Shanae has crafted a musical narrative that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

Early Life and Influences

Shanae was born and raised in Western Sydney to South African immigrants. Her upbringing was steeped in a rich tapestry of Capetonian jazz, gospel, and classic R&B and soul, shaping her musical sensibilities from a young age.

Encouraged by her school teacher, Shanae began singing and playing musical instruments, eventually writing and recording her own songs as a teenager. Her music is heavily influenced by neo-soul pioneers like Sade, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott, from whom she drew inspiration to develop her distinctive confessional style.


In 2020, Shanae emerged on the music scene under the stage name MADAM3EMPRESS. Her track “Come On Over” generated significant buzz and caught the attention of the music industry. She also lent her unique voice to a remix of Rico Nasty’s “Magic,” alongside fellow artist BARKAA.

The Quest for Authenticity

Despite her early success, Shanae, a self-proclaimed “deep thinker,” found herself questioning her artistic direction. In 2022, she underwent an artistic rebirth, striving for authenticity and seeking to express her sonic range fully. She reclaimed her birth name, Shanae, and relaunched her career with a dedicated team. Her dual single “am i dumb?/am i done?” marked this new phase, showcasing her versatility as she seamlessly switched between jersey club and contemporary R&B.

The Debut EP: ‘reset’

‘reset’, Shanae’s debut EP, is a bold statement of artistic evolution. The lyrics delve into the emotional complexities of relationships and her pursuit of personal freedom. One of the standout tracks, cloud 9, features a sample from the Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia, co-produced by NY’s Aire Atlantica and 18YOMAN.

Collaborations and Industry Recognition

Shanae’s talent and determination have won her admiration from industry insiders and audiences alike. She’s a graduate of Acclaim’s 2022 All-Stars Class, has showcased her music at Live Nation’s Ones To Watch and BIGSOUND, and has had the opportunity to open for Grammy-winning gospel-soul artist PJ Morton.

The Adidas Terrace Campaign

Shanae recently teamed up with JessB for a JD Sports campaign for Adidas Terrace. Her single “outside” served as the campaign’s theme, perfectly encapsulating its vibrant energy. This collaboration marked Shanae’s second venture with JD Sports, following a successful campaign for The North Face in the previous year.

In Her Own Words

In a heartfelt conversation about her journey, Shanae emphasized her commitment to authenticity and her ambition to be a global artist. She believes in the power of ‘resetting’, of taking time to reassess one’s direction and ensuring it aligns with one’s true self.

The Future of Shanae

Shanae’s aspirations extend beyond music. She envisions her music career as a stepping stone to other creative ventures. She is driven by a desire to create art that resonates with people across the globe, and she is committed to pushing the boundaries of what an Australian artist can achieve.


Shanae’s journey is a testament to the power of authenticity, artistic evolution, and relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. As she continues to carve out her unique path in the music industry, one thing is clear: Shanae is an artist to watch, and her story is just beginning.

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