Soulja Boy and BOW WoW expect to shatter Verzuz viewership ratings

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In preparation for his Verzuz showdown against Bow Wow, Soulja Boy just upped the stakes. They have been trolling one another on social media since they announced their battle, but Soulja stepped it up another notch. 

Soulja Boy and BOW battle on social media 

In an Instagram clip posted Thursday (June 3), Soulja showed off his bright red Lamborghini. “If you win the Verzuz, I’ll give you the keys to my Lambo,” Soulja said. The odds are 100 to 1 that you won’t get the Lambo yet. It’s still the same Lambo for me. A shitload of cash bought me my shit. You can call me the owner. Let’s not play with me anymore, Bow Wow. Lamborghini is no longer yours!” 

The Verzuz battle is trending on Twitter 

Tweeted Bow, “I don’t want that a** old lambo.”. Those are the same lambos we had as kids. You just wrapped it, it use[d] to be orange. 300,000 miles have been put on that car. It’s cool with me.” 

Among several jokes, Bow called Soulja’s car a CD player, making fun of its age. 

Soulja Boy and BOW WOW jokingly beef on social media and hype up the impending battle 

Ima beat the mans ass just off my 1st album! In another tweet, he said the same. The NI**A MR COLLIPARK found you. SNOOP and SUGIE KNIGHT found me. There are significant differences between us.” 

Since their respective Verzuz announcements, Bow and Verzuz have roasted each other, but she assured a fan it is all love. 

Article was written by Jonathan P-Wright, freelance writer for R.N.H. Magazine and C.V.O. of RADIOPUSHERS 

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