Spotify launches EQUAL – An Initiative for all female creators

We are proud of launching a global commitment that is designed to provide equity for women in audio and also celebrating their contribution, this global commitment is called EQUAL. EQUAL launched by Spotify would help pave way for women artists or women podcast creators. It could be locally, regionally, or internationally but it would be under a global partnership with new content experiences, with a new on and off-platform. The EQUAL Campaign comprises of: 

  • Celebrating women all over the world using the launch of the EQUAL hub. The EAUL hub platform would be used to celebrate women creators, which would allow fans to also connect with them through their music and podcasts. 
  • Supporting women through an invite-only EAUAL board, this board would be made up of 15 members only from around the world. The Spotify EQUAL board would work on ways on how to make the audio industry tangible for women creators. 

It would be our great delight in celebrating the most too streamed music artist and podcast creators globally. With Taylor Swift taking the lead position of 2.3 billion streams, followed by Ariana Grande and then Dua Lipa, and the most popular podcast creators globally would go to Ashley Flowers and Brit Parawat. 

Spotify EQUAL board would take their time in appreciating these powerful women in setting an example for all other women globally. To a lot of them, this movement would be considered a momentous time for them all. RADIOPUSHERS are reporting on this developing story. 

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