Supporters of Jaheim McMillan call for boycott of Family Dollar

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Latest, Social Justice | 0 comments

15-year-old Jaheim McMillan was fatally shot by police in front of a Family Dollar store in Gulfport, Mississippi on Oct. 6. Officers claimed the young boy was carrying a gun, but many witnesses disputed that claim, saying he was unarmed. “The police are saying he had a gun, but witnesses say he didn’t. We just want to see the footage so we can know the truth.” The McMillan family has also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Gulfport, alleging that the police used excessive force when they shot Jaheim. “No family should have to go through what we’re going through,” said Erica. “We just want justice for Jaheim.”

Now, supporters of Jaheim are calling for a boycott of Family Dollar until the store releases security footage of the shooting. The family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, said in a statement: “The McMillan family is demanding that Family Dollar release the security footage of this tragic incident. We want to know what really happened and why an unarmed child was gunned down in cold blood. Until we get answers, we are calling for a nationwide boycott of Family Dollar.”

The family of Jaheim has also called for the release of the surveillance footage. In a statement, they said, “We just want answers. We don’t want this to happen to another family.” At this time, Family Dollar has not released any statement or footage in response to the calls for a boycott or the demands from Jaheim’s family. The family of Jaheim McMillan has also retained attorney Ben Crump, who represented the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Crump is calling on Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Jaheim’s death.

Now, Jaheim’s supporters are calling for a boycott of Family Dollar stores until the company takes action. “We are asking that everyone boycott Family Dollar stores until they publicly denounce the murder of Jaheim McMillan and commit to working with the community to ensure that justice is served,” Jaheim’s cousin, Javonni McMillan, said in a statement.

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