SZA releases an exclusive NFT partnership via American Express

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You can now purchase NFTs of her epic “UNSTAGED” show from mid-June. 

SZA has partnered with American Express to issue a set of exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs). She received the NFTs for her “UNSTAGED” performance at Amex and for the release of her debut studio album Ctrl four years ago. 

There are now NFTs available from her epic virtual “UNSTAGED” show from June. With this exclusive collection, SZA’s first fans will be able to see behind-the-scenes photos and highlights of her live performance they were not able to see during the live stream. The Grammy-nominated artist performed most of her Grammy-nominated album Ctrl onstage, but only the best moments were made digital, such as Kiss Me More, All The Stars, Hit Different, Pretty Little Birds, “20 Something,” and “Good Days.” SZA’s virtual concert was her first complete set in two years. 

Currently, if you’re an Amex cardholder, NFTs are available from the NFT marketplace Fanaply. A $100 piece is included in each delivery, which arrived this past Friday (July 9) for those who attended the “UNSTAGED” event. Additional episodes will be released on July 12 on the show’s website. 

During an interview with Complex before her UNSTAGED show, SZA described how it felt like returning to the stage and performing again for her fans. I can’t wait to get back there again, feel the excitement in their voices, and engage them again. My world is weird when I sing songs I haven’t heard in a billion years because I don’t listen to my own music much,” she said. “I only listened to my album on the third anniversary last year. This year I didn’t do so. It feels strange. I’m unfamiliar with it, but familiarizing myself with it.” 

Performing songs she created four years ago is also “emotional” for the New Jersey native. “I never imagined that the album would be this powerful – or as powerful – as it was,” she said. “I’m learning every day what this means to other people. I usually feel astonished and more confused than anything else. I can’t believe it’s taken me up to this point, and it’s still not something that I feel ashamed of. This is something that I am especially grateful for because it’s not something that happens that often.” 

Now you can purchase SZA’s “UNSTAGED” NFT at Fanaply

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.

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