‘The Hurtbook (Homegirl Pack)’ has been released by Alex Vaughn

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It is with great pleasure that I announce today (March 17th) the official release of Alex Vaughn new EP, The Hurtbook (Homegirl Pack). In order to achieve her goals, the LVRN signee secured the assistance of fellow artists Summer Walker, Ari Lennox, and Muni Long, all of whom contributed to the project’s lead single, “IYKYK.” The song’s opening hook speaks to the importance of self-confidence and self-love:

As of 2022, Alex Vaughn most recent release was The Hurtbook, which consisted of eight tracks without any musical features. An EP titled Voice Notes was released earlier that year to prepare fans for her performance. Besides her own releases, Alex Vaughn the “Do You Ever” singer has been featured on a number of collaborations including “One&Only” with O-Slice, “The Phabo Show” by Phabo, “These Exchanges” with Matt McGhee, “LIVE FOR IT” with IDK featuring Wale, and more.

The singer, who was born and raised in Maryland, talked about the inspiration behind her most recent body of work in a recent interview. “In the beginning, The Hurtbook was a collection of love stories that I had with individuals throughout my life,” she explained. “Eventually, as I developed and made changes to my career, I noticed something change both in the romance and friendships of my life but also in the way I interacted with my friends and ultimately with myself.”

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