The new EP from Key Glock entitled “Paper Route Empire 5 Life”

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Key Glock life was changed forever on November 17, 2021. Young Dolph, his mentor as well as his cousin, who was shot and killed that very day at Makeda’s Cookies in his hometown of Memphis, has left Key Glock with a permanent hole in his heart, which is still present today to this day. He slowly restarted his music career after a period of four months while dealing with the burden of continuing the legacy of Paper Route Empire. In addition, he learned how to carry the burden of carrying the legacy forward. He has been through a lot over the past few years, but despite that, the 25-year-old has managed to produce quality music on a consistent basis and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. It is with great pleasure that Key Glock releases his latest EP, Paper Route Empire 5 Life, today (November 18).

Last week, the news of the EP release was brought to the attention of fans, who were delighted. Since yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Dolph’s transition into the Paper Route Empire, this was the most appropriate time to receive some brand-new material from Glizock, particularly as we marked the one-year anniversary of Dolph’s transition yesterday.

Billboard interviewed the “Yellow Tape” rapper about how he was motivated by Young Dolph when it came to making his album. Honestly, I don’t wanna lie, but Young Dolph was my motivator to achieve my dreams,” Glock said. It was my mental hype man who made that happen for me. I was blind to the things that he saw and he put it into me, which I could not see. My mind is just a mess right now because of those thoughts that are plaguing me. It is over for the thrill and the passion that used to be associated with such things. During the course of my life he observed me, as I reached this point in my life and he is no longer with me.

With five records under his belt, Glock re-entered the production process with Tay Keith and Bandplay, whom he has worked with on several occasions. Key Glock has still got a lot of work to do before he calls it a day, as he has a ton of pressure still to apply before he calls it a day with PRE5L. It’s one of the most underrated releases of the year and deserves all of the shine it deserves.

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