The rise in popularity of online grocery shopping

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The Rise in Popularity of Online Grocery Shopping 

While people rely on brick-and-mortar grocery stores, many found convenience in shopping for groceries online, saving the travel time and hassle required to go to grocery stores.  

Now that technology has advanced into the 21st century; more convenience is added with technology, leading to the rise of online grocery shopping. Take a look at where this niche metamorphosis stands today! 

Online grocery shopping has its time. More people are turning to online shopping since it provides greater convenience with lower prices. Millennials are the leading consumers of online groceries. The data of this generation will illustrate that online grocery shipments are expected to grow significantly by 2030 due to this new accessibility that is brought about through technology. 

Why online grocery shopping is so popular now 

Online grocery shopping has been increasing in popularity for a number of years now. One reason online grocery shopping is so popular is that it makes it easier to compare prices and possibly get discounts since there is no need to leave your house to buy food.  

Many people also prefer buying from their phones rather than going into physical stores that limit the number of items shoppers can buy due to space restrictions.    

The convenience can easily explain the popularity of online grocery. Users can find everything they need without the hassle of going to the market and searching for items that are unique. It also saves a lot of time – a whole even for those who want healthy food. Some shoppers said that it offers a different experience from going to a store versus finding it on the internet due to the amount of specific information about each offered product. 

Key consumer trends in online grocery shopping 

The article focuses on online grocery shopping trends based on Nielsen’s data. The author highlights consumer behavior, the benefits of using digital technology, and ways to market products to consumers. 

I think this is holding another reinvention. 

It seems that the rise in popularity of online grocery shopping is not slowing down anytime soon. More customers are discovering their benefits compared to buying groceries at a physical store. Many people are using this service as a meal replacement, by rewarding themselves with an indulgence once per week or just to have fresh food delivered right to their door. Personally, I think this is just the beginning of another reinvention with more extensive opportunities ahead. Online grocery shopping is experiencing the same way that online shopping in general has. There are some companies that already have physical locations that have started to switch to an online-only setting. This new format allows customers to easily buy groceries, groceries, crafts, and more items on one platform. Much like all of the different stores popping up across the country for everything else under the sun, society is applying these principles on their next vacation destination – groceries! 


The highest growing segment of grocery shopping is an online purchase. This represents a 77% growth rate in the last decade. Today, almost 90% of consumers plan to use their smartphones and/or computers to do their shopping online in the next 12 months. By creating and implementing an effective digital strategy, brick-and-mortar stores can compete with their online counterparts quickly and easily. 

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.  

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