The Shellers: Painting a New Landscape in Club Music

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The UK-based dynamo, The Shellers, a creative fusion of producer Lawaun Bernard and vocalist Jamal Bucanon, have astounded the music world with their debut Extended Play (EP) christened ‘Long Live The Shellers’.

The Shellers: A Sonic Blend of Eclectic Influences

This dynamic duo takes inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, including grime, garage culture, and more. Their sonic palette extends beyond these genres, with influences from the likes of the animated virtual band Gorillaz, the soulful Amy Winehouse, and the critically acclaimed hip-hop artist, Kendrick Lamar. Their musical tastes and influences, while broad, are cleverly interwoven, resulting in a unique sound that leaves a lasting impression.

Echoes of the Streets

In their music, there are occasional hints of The Streets, particularly in Jamal’s candid tale of contending with the daily grind, vividly depicted in the track ‘Work No More’. This narrative, while rooted in club culture, is not without its darker tones, setting The Shellers apart from their contemporaries.

A Collaborative Effort

While The Shellers essentially comprises Bernard and Bucanon, the EP is not without its supporting cast. Toddla T, renowned for his expertise in sound system culture, dons the hat of executive producer, lending his skills to this project. To further enhance their sound, The Shellers have roped in a full-fledged live band, adding a rich layer of strings, brass, and percussion.

“Working with The Shellers was a joy. We share a lot of musical influences, and it pushed me further. From not only an art point of view but from a friendship point of view, it was all rewarding.” – Toddla T

This collaboration has been a journey of mutual growth and exploration for both parties involved.


With their debut EP, Long Live The Shellers, the duo has successfully blurred the lines in club music, establishing their unique sound in an increasingly homogenous landscape. Their story is a testament to the power of collaboration and the limitless potential of creative exploration.

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