On the World Cup anthem, “Morocco,” French Montana represents his homeland.

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Even though Morocco lost to France in the World Cup semifinals, French Montana remains very proud of the country he hails from. As a celebration of the Bronx-based emcee’s team’s successes yesterday (Dec. 14), the Bronx-based emcee released a song in honor of their achievements. As the track is entitled “Morocco,” it features production resembling Caribbean dance records with Arabic rapping verses accompanied by French production. In addition to the energetic song, a matching video has been released to go along with it. The video shows footage from France’s quarter-final win over Portugal. In addition, it shows a packed crowd of people showing support for the team on the streets of New York City in the aftermath of the game.

Further to the release mentioned above, French Montana also congratulated Morocco in a social media post. In the post, he said:

“After what we have done, my head is still gassed… no Moroccan in the world should feel sad today. We have shaken the world up and we have made history today. The first time this was done. There is no greater feeling of pride than that of the whole Moroccan team and the entire country as a whole. Dima Maghreb.”

As of this summer, French Montana has released his most recent collection of songs, Montega, which comes as a collaborative effort with producer Harry Fraud. Montega, including the deluxe edition, consists of 14 songs. The album featured the features of Jadakiss, Benny the Butcher, EST Gee, Babyface Ray, Rick Ross, Quavo, Fleurie, and the late rapper Chinx. “Unforgettable” was already extremely successful in 2021 when they released their excellent album Their Got Amnesia, which later on captured the attention of millions. According to news reports, he’s currently working on what will mark the sixth installment of his infamous Coke Boys series, an upcoming project that is expected to include drops like “I Got a Feeling” a collaboration between DThang and Tdot2Oppy, “Yes I Do,” “Fenty” featuring NAV, “Slidin” alongside Ayoub, and “Whipp’n It Slowly.” It has yet to be determined when that project will be released.

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