A new visual for “This Is New York” has been released by Scar Lip

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Scar Lip will not be playing games with her city when it comes to what she wants. On the first of February, the Bronx-born, Brooklyn-raised emcee just released a new single entitled “This Is New York,” one of his most aggressive efforts that he drew inspiration from the late legend DMX. It is for this reason that Scar Lip was able to take advantage of the booming production in order to send a harsh message both to tourists and paralyzed residents.

“That’s New York” offers a vibrant visual accompaniment courtesy of WhoTheWizz that complements the track perfectly. As viewers watch the documentary, they will see the rising star mobbing heavily in various parts of Harlem, such as on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and near the St. Nicholas Houses. Overall, Scar Lip’s music is a mixture of raw energy and gangsta rap, so it’s reminiscent of what was heard during the late ’90s and early ’00s among gangsta rappers.

She revealed in a recent interview with No Jumper (above) that the name Scar Lip was given due to a tragic event.

“On the day of my aunt’s visit, I was going to a football game with my friends, and she was basically telling me to get home at a certain time so that we could meet. It is our policy not to allow you access if you are not at home.” She began. “Although it was supposed to be my responsibility to arrive back earlier than the time I was suppose to arrive back. They responded by acting as if they were not home when I requested that they open the door.”

As soon as she was turned away, an older brother accosted her and demanded money from her. As a result of several refusals, physical contact was required. “After he punched me, I fell backward and began to see stars, then I passed out. It was in the street that I awoke. My mouth bled, blood was everywhere.”

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