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There are no guarantees in life except for death and taxes. The world of hip-hop is brutal, unforgiving, cutthroat, mentally taxing, and all business. New York is the birth of hip-hop, and legends such as LL Cool J, Eric B & Rakim, Wu-Tang, Big Daddy Kane are just a few of NYC living rap legends. New York is the most challenging place in the world for rising indie artists to gain notoriety and access to the golden keys in the rap game. Most artists burnout and quit within 24 months due to the high expectations, human roadblocks, financial scams, and miseducation of the rules.

Jason King, aka Timelesz A.K.A Boogs born and raised in Nyack, New York, surrounded by musicians and the influence of hip-hop. By the tender age of 12, Jason was already citing his rap idols’ lyrics and converting his thoughts into words. Jason possesses the rare trait of transferring his most profound pain, emotions, lust, love, & faith into timeless music poems. Jason’s closest friends, family, and general public co-signed his rap skillset, which fueled his passion for pursuing the music business full-time.

Jason worked around the clock and made smart investments to raise capital for his entertainment company. The first commercial release was “Hood Love,” which paid homage to his childhood roots, New York, and family. The track is soul music infused up-tempo record smothered with authentic hip-hop flava. “Hood Love” is the perfect track for a “family cookout,” barbershop, and ride out Sunday music in your favorite drop-top convertible. “Hood Love” received a warm reception via Spotify within only 30 days. Spotify listeners from multiple countries, including Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, are streaming “Hood love” in heavy rotation. The track has generated over 18,000 Spotify plays in less than 90 days.

“Hood Love” is currently receiving radio airplay in 5 different radio markets, including New York. DJs, radio personalities, social media influencers, and music executives have endorsed the record. Jason King’s bloodline is influenced heavily via music, and his sound is the light in a dark world. His lyrics invoke hope, strength, ambition, pain, struggle, and triumph in each verse. When you listen to his track “Hood Love,” it takes your mind to a place of serenity and, most importantly, realness. Jason King Timelesz A.K.A Boogs is the New Wave of Millennial Hip Hop Music.

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3 years ago

Go Boogs u always spit that 🔥 🔥 keep pushing u got this!