Vanessa Bryant lawsuit takes a new twist with a psychiatric exam

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Vanessa Bryant might have to take psychiatric exam for lawsuit over helicopter crash photos 

In the latest court case regarding a helicopter crash, onlookers Vanessa Bryant and her family members were suing a CBS News station for a report that implied they coached their daughter’s public trauma. Inside Edition found a network of hidden cameras behind a warehouse door which revealed what might have been going on prior to the accident – with the footage being online for all to see. As an interesting twist, after Bryant is forced to take an emotional-stress test as part of pre-trial proceedings, it is revealed she might have to take psychiatric exam for lawsuit over helicopter crash photos 

To determine whether Vanessa is competent to defend the lawsuit against them, the Los Angeles County has requested she be evaluated by a psychiatric specialist. On Jan. 26, 2020, there was a fatal accident in Calabasas, California which killed Kobe, Gianna, and seven other passengers. The case stems from employees of the county fire department and sheriff’s department who shared pictures of the scene. 

What caused the crash? 

As a result of LA County’s interest, Vanessa and others in the suit are being asked to take the exam, to determine if the emotional distress they feel was a result of the post or the accident itself. Currently, Los Angeles claims that it is the latter that was the case. 

Is the family suing the media? 

In accordance with Los Angeles County, Bryant and the others are suing them for money that amounts to tens of millions of dollars in a lawsuit that revolves around the effect that the January 2020 events had on them psychologically. It is alleged by them, however, that Vanessa and her company have refused to submit to independent medical exams despite all of this. Accordingly, a trial is expected to start in February.   

Kobe Bryant turns 43 

Only a few months ago, Kobe Bryant would have turned 43. A picture of Vanessa and Kobe was used as a part of an Instagram post that was published on that day as a commemorative post for that momentous occasion. 

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