‘VOL.7’ is the latest project from LuLu P

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

There’s a new body of work by LuLu P called VOL.7 that was released on Saturday (April 1), which boasts a number of features including Soduh, A$AP Ant, and Fendi P. Other past collaborators like Ceez Neckmusik and E-Major Unruly are responsible for the production of the album, which includes 18 tracks.

As the first cut on VOL.7, “TOP 1% ONLYFANS,” opens the mixtape with a boastful bar and humorous flip that is sure to have listeners wanting to go back to the song after listening to it once or twice.

LuLu P has maintained a solid fan base over the past few years by constantly dropping full-length albums such as BIG 16 (All American P), Himalayas, and Thanks LuLu P consisting of notable vocal guests such as Larry June and Sauce Walka, among others. In fact, the Maryland talent turned up the heat even more by consistently dropping a steady stream of quality tracks over a series of months, which included “Did’em Ricky,” “Born from Pain,” “Slow Feet Don’t Eat,” “Expand the Market,” and “2 Hundred Dollar Socks.”

Besides being one of A$AP Ant’s most significant collaborators, LuLu P is a major force within A$AP Ant’s Marino Infantry, which has been making waves as much in the street fashion scene as in the music scene over the past couple of years. Alongside her fellow members, like Baby 9eno and Lil 2 Dow, LuLu P has made a significant contribution to the movement’s overall momentum through the release of her well received albums Infantry Warz, Enter the Infantry and Enter the Infantry, Vol. 2. The singer is also one of Marino Infantry’s most prominent faces at their pop-ups and concerts all over the country, where he has been a prominent face.

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