“WAP” Success, Cardi B is already planning her next move

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“WAP” Success, Cardi B is already planning her next move

“WAP” Success, Cardi B is already planning her next move

Though her album isn’t ready, Cardi B fans can expect a single

Unfortunate news Cardi B fans waiting for a new album – you won’t see one in the near future!

The rapper spoke about her new single and her upcoming music when she made a virtual appearance at Angie Martinez’s summer barbecue.

“I’m already plotting my next move,” she said. “I have other projects coming out that doesn’t involve music, but when it comes to music I think I’m going to put out another single.”

Although Cardi stated that she is currently working on her next album, she also added that she is not in a hurry to release it as the Coronavirus has slowed her show.
Due to the onset of the pandemic, concerts and festivals have been pushed to 2021 and several venues suffered closures due to lost business. Venues that have reopened enforce safety regulations and social distancing rules.

Many artists have turned to virtual concerts to enthrall fans with their music. However, Cardi prefers in-person interaction, even with her press releases.

“I don’t have my album ready yet. But even when I feel I have my album ready, I’m still debating when I should put out an album too,” Cardi said. “I want to do real fuckin’ interviews. I want to see people and sit down. I want to tour. I want to do parties, go to the club and shake my ass to my own music.”

Though the pandemic has prevented her from engaging with fans in person, she made sure that it won’t affect all her plans.

Before filming the video for “WAP,” she expended $ 100,000 to make sure that everyone working on the set was tested for the virus.

The debut album of Cardi, Invasion of Privacy, was released in April 2018, a couple months prior to the birth of her daughter Kulture. She is yet to tour for the album.


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