Video for “What We On” by Lil Jon features E-40, DaBoii, and P-LO

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

A new single from Lil Jon released on Friday (April 21) is certain to have parties hopping this summer. The self-produced track is called “What We On,” and it features Bay Area icons such as P-LO, DaBoii, and E-40, with E-40 being the first to deliver a hard-hitting verse for the streets in the middle of the song.

An accompanying clip begins with an image of P-LO handling business at a car dealership, before Lil Jon appears and reaches out to greet him and hand him some cash as he gets out of the car. As the music and dancing moves out of the enclosed area, DaBoii performs in front of a small crowd of young dancers and whips that have been painted with candy colors. E-40 finally makes his presence known from behind the bar as he makes his appearance.

There is a wonderful tribute video at the end of the video which is dedicated to its director, Bernard Gourley, who tragically was killed in a car accident in December of 2022, moments before the video ends. The video, uploaded by E-40 shortly after his unfortunate passing, was accompanied by a message and a video on Instagram (see above).

“You will be missed my friend, Bernard Gourley, I am going to rest you up,” the “Function” rapper Lil Jon told the crowd. “You always had a good attitude and we used to play Little League together in the V at Wilson Park in Hamilton. My sincere gratitude extends out to you for directing one of the most stunning videos in hip-hop history, ‘Tell Me When To Go.’”

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